Harrisburg Car Accident Lawyer

As the state capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg receives far more traffic than a city its size usually has. In some ways, all roads in the Keystone State lead to Harrisburg.

Whether it be I-81 crossing over the north end of the city or the Harrisburg Expressway slicing across the south end of the city, you can find trouble at either the top or bottom of the capital city. Add in I-83 on the east side of the city and you realize that hundreds of thousands of vehicles are rolling all over the Harrisburg area, many in a hurry to an appointment or hoping to get back home before dark.

More than 1,300 people lose their lives every year on state roads, where 120,000+ accidents take place annually.  If you are living in or near Harrisburg and are involved in a vehicle accident, you will want to have legal representation even if you think that you do not need it for a variety of reasons.

You might think that your case is routine and will never make it to court; you might think that you are quite capable of representing yourself. In both of these thought patterns, the potential for damage to your health and finances are great.

Many seemingly routine accident cases do in fact make it to court, and Harrisburg car accident attorneys are absolutely needed if you are before a judge.

In addition, even if you feel all right after your accident, that does not mean that you have not suffered a potentially serious injury. Many times, the full effects of a traffic accident are not felt until several days later, as strained necks and injured backs begin to flare up, or the effects of a concussion become fully evident, with frequent headaches and occasional dizziness. In these cases, you will want an experienced Harrisburg car accident attorney to represent you and help you to receive the necessary compensation to pay past and future medical bills.

As you shop around for a competent team of car accident lawyers, look for a firm that can win a large settlement for its clients. It is also wise to find a firm of Harrisburg car accident attorneys that does not represent insurance companies, but rather specializes in personal injury suits on the side of the motorist.

In the aftermath of your accident, do not let an insurance company push you into accepting a settlement that is probably far smaller than you deserve. Insurance companies are trying to settle quickly and cheaply, leaving you to pay for years of medical bills and lost wages.

This is one of the many reasons why you need a Harrisburg car accident attorney to represent you. To get ready for your consultation with a skilled Harrisburg car accident lawyer, do your best to document what occurred on the day of your accident. Compile a clear record of your out-of-pocket expenses, medical expenses, photos of your damaged vehicle and the accident scene (if possible), and receipts and correspondence.

This will help to equip your qualified Harrisburg car accident attorney to construct a winning case on your behalf. Don’t let your accident become more of a nightmare than it needs to be!


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